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HSE/Health & Safety

HSE e2o’s Health and Safety Vision – Target Zero

Our policy promotes Zero Harm to our staff, clients, contractors, the environment and the community.

e2o is committed to providing a safe workplace for its workers. Safety is everyone’s responsibility.

e2o’s Target Zero Values

Commitment – We promote a culture of Zero Harm. Incidents and injuries are unacceptable.

Empowerment – All employees have the right and duty to stop work if they believe an activity is unsafe, or could harm people or the environment.

Team Work – Together the e2o team plan and perform activities that result in Zero Harm. The team work on cost and schedule objectives.

Accountability – The entire team contributes to every project. Every staff member is responsible for adhering to Zero Harm policy.

The Target Zero program has been developed to describe how we develop a culture of commitment to achieving Zero Harm. e2o firmly believe that incident and injury free leadership is not limited to line management. Project programs are implemented throughout our operations and all levels of staff are involved.

We recognise and reward attitudes and behaviours that strengthen our safety and cultural beliefs.

e2o’s Zero Harm values form the foundation upon which the Target Zero program is based, and represent our commitment to our vision. By upholding these values we shall manage our relationships with each other, our customers and our project stakeholders.

Our Behavioural Based Safety approach and processes ensures that management and staff are continually focused on OH&S.

Our primary measure of success is the demonstrated commitment shown by our team in our workplaces, as well as our contribution to the local communities that we operate within.

e2o’s Target Zero Values

e2o is committed to ensuring a safe workplace and have in place a suite of mandatory frontline safety tools to be used in all operational situations.

These critical tools are:

Job Safety Analysis (JSA) – This identifies the hazards and controls reflected in work procedures and work activities

Target Zero Hazard Cards – The hazard reporting cards are used for hazard reporting, raising unsafe conditions at time of inspection and for improvement suggestions

Supervisor Observation and Intervention (O&I) – We support personnel through coaching and guidance to manage hazards and comply with procedures. The Supervisor/Individual observes work behaviour and intervenes by holding a safety conversation.

Take 5 – Personal risk assessment – a quick review prior to starting a task/activity.

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